Financial Wellness in the Workplace

The financial professionals at Legacy focus on individualized financial plans and wealth management for our clients.  For over 16 years, we have also conducted financial education in the workplace and we continue to expand our offerings in this area.

Money affects every part of an employee’s life - including relationships, the ability to focus on the job, and physical health.  Financially stressed employees impact the employers’ bottom line through changes in productivity and health insurance claims.

Legacy’s financial programs are education based, not sales, in a convenient location - your worksite.  We can help your employees change financial habits that can truly impact their future financial success.

Click here for our financial wellness brochure and see how Legacy can help.

Legacy is also available to speak to local groups - i.e. civic, community, or places of worship. 

Give us a call today to discuss offering financial wellness education in your workplace!

*The advisors of Legacy Financial Group are registered with LPL Financial.

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